ODLCO is a small batch design brand founded by Caroline Linder and Lisa Smith in 2011, after a number of years working to produce design exhibitions, workshops, and pop up shops in Chicago. We work with independent designers and regional manufacturers to produce small runs of household products with an adventurous spirit. Working in small batches means we can engage more fully in the production process, allowing us to keep production in the hands of smaller vendors who are based nearby, with whom we can develop closer relationships.

Our first two products are collaborations with other designers. The Wabi Nabe was designed by Gabriel Hargrove and the Capitol Butter Dish by Morgan Carter. We're proud to be supporting both the design and manufacturing industries in the USA.

Currently, we're working on opening a factory store in Chicago's West Loop and gearing up for another product release. We plan to grow the product line in the next few years to encompass a wide range of everyday household objects.

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